Cyberbullying Needs Cyberhelp

“Please help. Recently I started to self-harm… I need to cope somehow… it has become unbearable to try and deal with people bothering me on my social media accounts. I just don’t get it; why are they doing this to me? At first it was just the occasional mean comment, but now it’s spiralled out of control and they’re calling and texting me, I feel so overwhelmed. I would tell my parents but they might make me delete all my accounts and limit my cellphone use. They are my connections to the world despite people using them to hurt me. Which is worse, being isolated now, hurting myself and not being able to tell my parents, or telling my parents and having them take away my phone and computer? They probably think it would protect me if they take away my online access, but it won’t, it just won’t. It would push me into depression and worsen my self-harm. So it’s not that simple. Someone please help.”


Not Reporting To My Parents

laptopNearly 90 per cent of parents surveyed in the Primus Telecommunications Canada study “Protecting Canadian Families Online” thought their children would tell them if they were cyberbullied, yet only eight per cent of youth do so.1


Surveys show that while most parents expect their children to report cyberbullying, most children think their parents won’t know how to handle a cyberbullying situation. Experts report that children fear their phone or internet access will be taken away, so they are reluctant to report cyberbullying to parents. Parents or family members who are not aware that their children are being cyber bullied do not seek information or resources to help and support their children.


The example above is a fictionalized account of what a young person might be going through. It is adapted from where youth can use a forum to anonymously express what they are feeling and experiencing. Staff then provide empathy and active interpretation to their situation and offer them options.


bc211 Red Phone clip artcan also provide options to families. We provide 24-hour emotional support, and connect clients with resources. We even refer families to resources by email or by text messages. We strive to offer quality access to information and resources by phone, in the palm of your hand, or on your desktop.


In partnership with the I AM SOMEONE Ending Bullying Society, bc211 has recently moved forward with 2Talk, a texting platform pilot targeting secondary school students in the Tri-Cities. By keying 2TALK (28255) from any mobile phone, youth can connect with local community support services to deal with bullying and other issues such as gangs, sexual exploitation, date violence or abuse. Stay tuned for more on this to come, as we are planning to expand this service to the entire 211 region.

To learn more visit:

The Youth Against Violence Line
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