Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver: A Mentor Into the Life of Every Child Who Needs One

Today’s post profiles Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver whose vision is to put a mentor into the life of every child who needs one.

This is another in our series of videos profiling community-based organizations whose work is making an impact in the community.


The videos highlight and illustrate the important work these agencies do in supporting the public. We are excited to showcase the contributions these organizations continue to make in our communities. We invite everyone to watch the videos and learn more about what these agencies do, and what makes their work so important.

Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver LogoThe presence of a mentor during the formative years of a boy’s life is a key component of his healthy emotional development, according to Valerie Lambert, Executive Director of Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. “Our Big Brother Program is by far the largest in Canada,” she says. “Clearly in Vancouver there is a sentiment that people want to be involved; they want to be part of addressing this really difficult and challenging social issue.”


bc211 thanks Gunjan Mhapankar for her contribution to this project and the UBC Centre for Engaged Learning for their support.