bc211 Workshops

Join the bc211 Professional Development Workshops to engage in learning that develops skill and insight! These half-day workshops are interactive and experiential, providing comprehensive overviews of each topic, as well as small-group exercises that encourage self-awareness, reflection, and learning on a personal level. Designed to improve front-line service provider skills, as well as increase staff/volunteer understanding of the influence of these topics in service delivery.

Information & Referral (I&R)

Next Session: TBD

Helping people connect with the services they need is integral to social services work. Learn about effective I&R, professional standards for I&R, specialized I&R skills, and how to meet population-specific needs.

Effective Communication

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Good communication skills underlie all our work and personal interactions. Gain insight and refine communication skills by practicing establishing rapport, assessing client need, effective questioning, and active listening.

Challenging Communication

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Build communication skills to use in challenging communication situations. Examine your habits of listening, and explore various techniques to use when communication is challenging. We will also consider how crisis, trauma, mental health issues, conflict, and anger impact communication.

Self-care for Service Providers

Next Session: TBD

Working in the social service sector can be stressful. Learn how to recognize the signs of compassion fatigue, burnout, and vicarious trauma. We will investigate personal and organizational solutions, healthy boundaries, workplace communication, and self-care strategies.


Susan Larkin has been providing bc211 professional development workshops for almost 20 years. Her experience in Information and Referral (I&R), combined with her interest in facilitation, community building, and empowerment, have generated trainings that are informative, relevant, and enjoyable. Susan also supervises staff at bc211, and has certification from the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems as a Certified Information and Referral Specialist (CIRS) and Certified Resource Specialist (CRS).

Location of Workshops

Suite 330 – 111 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC V6B 1H4
Contact Shane at 604 875-6431 or shane@bc211.ca for additional information.


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