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What does offer?
A searchable online directory of community, government, and social services in BC. It is the online legacy of the original printed Red Book Directory that was published from 1958 until 2007. Up until March 2017, the directory covered only the Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Squamish-Lillooet, and Sunshine Coast regional districts. After April 2017, supported by generous funding from United Ways across BC, the directory has expanded and now covers all of BC.

Who operates
Our website is a service of bc211, a nonprofit information and referral organization that has been working since 1953 to connect people with the help they need. See our About page for more information about our services.

Where does the resource information come from?
The resource information on is collected directly from the organizations listed on the site. bc211’s Resources and Publications staff work tirelessly to gather and maintain up-to-date community and government services information.

Can any group or company be listed on the site?
There are firm guidelines around what kinds of services we include in our resource database. Read our Inclusion Policy to understand the the scope of our database and the standards by which inclusion/exclusion decisions are made.

How can I get my organization listed?
We will be happy to review your organization or service for inclusion in our database. Please send us an email at There is no fee for inclusion in our database.

I get too many search results. How can I narrow my search?
Read our Search Tips for information about some useful search techniques that can help narrow your results.

Why can’t I find resources for my community?
If you have suggestions for resources that are not yet in the directory, we would welcome learning about them. Please send us your suggestions in an email to

I found some inaccurate information. Who can I contact?
Please email us at to let us know what needs to be changed. In the Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Squamish-Lillooet, and Sunshine Coast regional districts, as well as Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, you can also phone 2-1-1 or message us by texting the name of your city to 2-1-1

How can I get a printable list of resources?
Individual resources and search results can be printed and downloaded from the website. If you are interested in ordering a customized resource list please email us at

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